About Wordsmith

I am Harsh.

Writer and Electrical Engineer.

Namaste !!

Welcome to My Stories.

I found fiction is the best way to express my thoughts. Like to write stories on life-like topics such as politics, man living alone in pain, a villager struggling to get his way in city, a guy struggling between his love and job, sometimes witty ones too.

Here, you will get to read some amazing works of flash-fiction, poetry and much more. This work is based on my thoughts, and inspiration from things around me. 

If you enjoy stories found here, please share it with your friends and family. Also, feel free to send me any feedback, comments, or suggestions about the blog. I always look forward to reading your emails and messages.

Alternatively, if you have something you would like to share on My Stories, such as your own story or ideas to carve new fiction, or anything just let me know. Reading life stories always enthuse me to write for the good.

Again your feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

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